Friday, February 24, 2012

I want to be "old age fluffy"!!!

When I get old I want to be “old age fluffy”.  Right now I have the middle age spread.  I’ve been told that it’s bad for you: and age-related hormonal changes may have something to do with it. You always hear how to fight the middle age spread.  I get tired of hearing of weight loss this and weight loss that.  On the other hand in my thirties I had “love handles” or the “old spare tire”.  Not a big deal then because I had bigger things to worry about.  I always thought people worry about weight to much...  in my case what about height!  But “old age fluffy” is where I want to be some day. I always worry about my peeps being too skinny and not gaining weight.  That is a huge problem in the nursing homes.  They even have tracking systems for weight loss and weight gain.  Underweight peeps aren't good.  However that is not a problem for most of my peeps.  That “old age fluff” in my opinion helps break those falls.  You bounce better and don’t fall with bone on a hard cement floor.  When my peeps might have a fall they have a little cushion or when they fall ill they have a bounce back cushion.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t want them to fall or be dangerously obese!!!!  I hate the call when the nurse says, Mr. Peep fell and we are sending him to the ER for x-rays.   I know I’m going to have doctors, dieticians and nutritionist say I’m crazy.  But, at that age and considering where you are in life.  Food and the enjoyment of eating is a quality of life.    So now that I think of it I’m training to be “old age fluffy”. 
I have to mention one of my quick fixes.  When I’m down in the dumps I go see Reverend Peep.  I think god or some divine intervention brought her to me.  This is a peep who worked hard all her life.  Somewhere along in her golden years she developed some dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Most of her family predeceased her. The only family member remaining loaded her in a little Volkswagen with just the clothes on her back and toted her 2500 miles so I could take care of her.  I say again…… so “I could take care of her”.  Who else or what else would put poor Reverend Peep through that anxiety and being scared not knowing where she was. Put her through miles of dehydration, no medication regime, and most of all no one taking care of her well-being.  I thank the intervention for making Reverend Peeps “worst nightmare” drop her off at our local hospital just so I could take care of her.  Weekly I walk through the door at the nursing home and she is smiling at me.  She looks real good.  She still puts her own make up on every morning and the girls style her hair and place that little yellow flower to the side of her graying hair.  She reaches out with a smile and says she is praying for me.  She says she loves me and I give her a hug and I have my fix for the day.    

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What I do and what it means!

I have always been told that I should write a book about my job experiences.  I have probably forgot more than I will ever remember.  So I will blog my jobs ups and downs, joys and sorrows, triumphs and frustrations.  Isn't that what life is all about? 
Why is Aging Mandatory.  Better than the alternative.  Growing old is not a negative experience.  We have all grown up hearing,  "You will know that when you get older!" ...  That's right you will might not remember.  What age do YOU consider old?  Old means you have lived the dream, experienced the ups and downs, the love and the heartbreak.  You might not always of said the right thing or done the right thing; but isn't that what getting old is all about.  Living life; learning and experiencing.  I have always told many of my family members of my peeps (I will explain "peep" later) that getting old was not a sprint it is a marathon.  Therefore, staying old shouldn't be a sprint.  The elderly all deserve to experience a quality of life.  They have been in the race, they have fought  the battle, they have struggled to be an adult.  I see so many elderly who have been estranged from their families, who have outlived their families or whose families have abused them.  I have learned in this job not to judge.  I have learned that forgiveness can never be to late.  However, I don't think that abuse can ever be forgiven of an elderly.  That's why we have elder abuse laws.  But, I do think that words, thoughts and some actions do deserve forgiveness.  There is not a guide on how to be an adult or how to grow old.
With this blog I have to be very discreet not to give out confidential matters of my peeps.  To still be ethical and respective.  Therefore, I will not mention any real names or post any pictures of my peeps.  In my profession we call the people I obtain gaurdianships of "Wards".  To me that sounds so institutional and impersonal. I think I came up with the word "peep" from one of the nurses at the nursing home in which most of my peeps reside.  I guess its short for people and I'm their mother hen.  I'm the one who takes care of them, who makes sure they get medical care, who makes sure their bills are paid, who makes sure they are being taken care of with a quality they deserve and with dignity.  Yes, I'm the one (with alot of help of others) who makes sure they have christmas, birthdays, hugs, kisses and a peaceful end. 
I love my job, I love my peeps and I love the people I work with.  This is the way that I can share my love for my job and vent my frustrations.  Please join me weekly.