Thursday, May 31, 2012

Time to breath and reboot

Sorry, I haven't been very faithful to my blog. The last 4 weeks have been days of deep thought and sorrow. Thoughts that I didn't know exactly how to put on paper. I had 3 of my peeps pass in the last 4 weeks. Death comes to everyone eventually there is no protection against it. Though it is very hard for all of us to have a loved one pass, it is also very natural. What isn't natural is for a person to go through this natural process by themselves. What matters most often is simply being present. Taking time to sit down, hold a hand, give support and just be there. I always ask myself, "what do they need, what do they want"? Have I helped to make their journey through this process peaceful? Not knowing my Peeps during their young adult life it is hard to determine what their beliefs were. Did I make the right decision, did they pass peaceful and I hope they weren't scared. I have been trained to use substituted judgment and best interest, but most of all I need to be human with a heart. In addition, I hope to hell before my Peeps decision making capacity was taken that they had Advance Directives and gave me some clue of what their beliefs are.  C’mon help me through this process Peeps!!! I guess what I'm trying to say; make your wishes known for the end of life so your loved ones or a guardian don't have to. I call mine a "get together book". It’s something none of us wants to think about but don’t let the burden be on your loved one or the person taking care of you. Okay, that is off of my mind; let me tell you about the 3 peeps that touched an edge of my life.

Each of the three Peeps was three of the most different individuals. Peep Scotch was an avid reader and a very educated man. The day before his passing he enjoyed the Masters Golf Tournament (he knew every single golfer and their career in golf) and a great dinner. That made my heart happy considering he took a turn for the worse very rapidly. I hope he is enjoying a cigarette and a glass of expensive scotch. Peep Barber was a reserved man and seemed very patient. A World War II veteran. He was a Barber in Elko for years. He was very familiar to me before he was my Peep. Peep Realtor (I wrote about him in a blog earlier) would always want to go get his haircut and Peep Barber was the one that had to cut it. However, little did I know Peep Barbers cognitive deficits were probably worse than Peep Realtors? Then there is Peep Matriarch. The reason I call her this name is because she was the Matriarch of her family. She was the one who made the decisions of the family.  The one who would chase the kids around the house with a frying pan if they didn’t behave. She was a tough and brawny lady in her younger years and very determined in her older years. Peep Matriarch began her young adult life with her family at the start of the depression. At 94 years old she was still following her son as he hunted deer in Nevada. What amazed me about Peep Matriarch was she had these feelings that an event was about to occur. I believe she had a sign that her own death was going to occur.

I’m very fortunate to have so many different people in my life and experience all of their lives. However, it’s time to breath and reboot.

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