Wednesday, November 28, 2012

She spoke, "Old People Aren't Icky"

Its been awhile since I've posted anything.  I usually have to hear a phrase or a subject that gets the creative illustration to paper.  Yes......I heard the phrase and that is why I'm writing. 

For most of you that know me personally.  You know that I'm a fighter and when I believe in something I'm convinced that my mindset and judgment are correct.  Well, my sister and I were cut from the same cloth.  However, if my sister believes that she is right she will threaten to take you out into the street and rumble, but I don't think I'm quite that aggressive.  Therefore, who not to be a magnificent supporter of the elderly in a nursing home.  My sister is the old peoples biggest advocate.  While my mom was a resident in the local nursing home in Wyoming, my sister would volunteer to help with activities and make sure my mom was taken care of the way she deserved.  So when my sister wanted to take the grand kids to the local nursing home to trick or treat, you should of seen the lips curl, the eyes roll and heads tilt. That is when she spoke.....OLD PEOPLE AREN'T ICKY.....

The public view on long term care is because people are uneducated.  Often people say they hate to visit nursing homes because "they smell." Or it's depressing to see all of those old people sitting in their wheelchairs waiting to die. Or, well, they just hate it and feel guilty about hating it.   Most people wont visit a nursing home because their own mortality is hitting them in the face.  

The elderly love to see children come into the nursing home on the holidays or new babies come to visit grandma.  That is the moment in their lives where they aren't constantly wondering what year it is, how old they are, or who the president is.  They adore children and what a better way to teach children respect, caring, and the art of being kind.     

Visit your loved one in the nursing home, make yourself useful with other residents as well, and work as an activist to improve nursing homes, so that when you are old - yes, you will get old, if you are fortunate enough to live that long -  that your nursing home will be your home away from home.  Its the holiday season........ be festive, joyous, respectful, caring and kind......make a old person smile. 

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